PARTNER PROFILE: Foundation Serves as Catalyst for Community Impact

The New Albany Community Foundation was formed in 1995 by forward thinking community leaders who wanted to advance community aspirations in perpetuity. The Foundation Board of Trustees adopted four areas of impact, commonly referred to in the community as pillars – lifelong learning, arts & culture, health & wellness, and a sustainable environment. The Foundation has awarded more than $23 million in grants to community organizations since its inception.

It forges unique collaborations with other public, private, and nonprofit groups and frequently plays the role of “convener” and catalyst to bring together partners to achieve common goals and leverage dollars. Its leadership has been instrumental in establishing key civic institutions and amenities, including the New Albany Branch Library, the Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts and the Hinson Amphitheater. Additionally, the Foundation was instrumental in the formation of Healthy New Albany, which supports the farmer’s market, community garden, and a number of programs which promote health and wellness.

The Foundation also played a key role in establishing New Albany’s Safety Town Program, the School Author Residency Program and many other transformational initiatives. It produces one of the country’s premiere Lecture Series and Student Lecture Series, which routinely bring influential thought leaders to the schools and the community. The Foundation also presents the Amphitheater Performance Series and Family Flick Nights.

In addition to advancing community projects and initiatives, the Foundation awards grants to not-for-profit community organizations ranging from Healthy New Albany to the New Albany Food Pantry, the New Albany Schools Easton E3 Learning Lab, the Robotics team, and New Albany Scholars Author Residency Program, among many others. The Foundation believes that one way to build a strong sense of community is to bring people together for enriching “shared experiences.” It envisions New Albany as a center for intellectually, culturally, healthful, and environmentally stimulating programming year-round. Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible.