Ten Things to Know about New Albany

We’ve got a plan!

As a strategically planned community, we proactively look for ways to improve our quality of life. We collaborate with residents and businesses in identifying the services and amenities that matter most and align with our founding pillars — lifelong learning, arts and culture, health and wellness and environmental sustainability.

Community connects us.

New Albany was built upon the strongest traditions of small-town America. Take a walk to Market Square or stroll through our Farmers Market and you’ll find a remarkably friendly, welcoming community.

We have an innovation ecosystem.

In fact, our technology incubator is called Innovate New Albany. Innovation is not just for business. We constantly challenge ourselves to find better ways to improve services and protect our community’s assets, whether it’s robust, high speed fiber optics or roundabouts to control traffic.

We believe in life-long learning.

New Albany offers intellectually and culturally stimulating programs ranging from the New Albany Lecture Series featuring internationally renowned thought leaders to the McCoy Center for the Arts performances and Innovate New Albany’s Tiger Talks for entrepreneurs.

Our schools rank among best.

Built on a 200-acre learning campus bordered by a nature preserve, the New Albany-Plain Local School District consistently ranks among the best in the state and earns a five-star rating across all components – one of only 12 districts in the state to do so.

We are pedestrian friendly.

Sidewalks leading to parks in every neighborhood and more than 55 miles of leisure trails connecting residents and businesses within the community, are just a few of the ways we promote pedestrian connections. We host the New Albany Walking Classic, the largest walking-only event in the country.

Healthy living is in our DNA.

New Albany is home to a one-of-a-kind model of health, wellness and fitness—The Heit Center for Healthy New Albany which combines medical practices and state-of-the-art fitness facilities with programs ranging from healthful cooking to meditation.

We are giving.

The New Albany Community Foundation leverages our generosity to support educational, cultural, leisure and health programs and services. Abercrombie and Fitch Co. hosts the A&F Classic, a party to fund camps for children with serious illnesses. Residents, businesses and employees support the New Albany Food Pantry and Pelotonia, a cycling event that supports cancer research.

Nature inspires us.

Throughout the city, you’ll find more than 2,000 acres of woodlands and meadows protected from development, 600 acres of parkland and an 80-acre nature preserve and learning lab on the school campus. Rose Run Park creates a greenway that will eventually connect Market Square to the historic Village Center.

We thrive on partnerships.

Public-private partnerships allow us to do more with less to create one-of-a-kind civic, cultural and educational resources improve our quality of life.