Daily COTA Line 35, SmartRide New Albany Shuttle Expand

SmartRide New Albany, which encompasses COTA transit and shuttle service to and from the Business Park has returned and expanded its services. COTA Line 35 provides hourly service from 5 am to 10 pm, seven days a week, to and from the Business Park. The SmartRide New Albany shuttle, which provides first-and-last mile transportation for employees, runs hourly between the City’s Park and Ride, 5202 Forest Drive, and New Albany businesses. COTA Line 35 runs from the intersection of Boardwalk Street and Shapter Avenue in North Columbus to the Easton Transit Center, with express nonstop service to the Park and Ride. It is the first COTA line to provide such frequent service here. COTA Line 45 continues rush hour express service between downtown Columbus to the New Albany Park and Ride.

SmartRide New Albany Shuttles provide passenger pick-up and drop off service between the Park and Ride and their place of employment. “The new Line 35 and an expanded SmartRide New Albany will provide a boost to our businesses, their employees and the overall Central Ohio economy,” Mayor Sloan Spalding said. “Thanks to our partners at COTA, more people are able to connect to New Albany in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”