OrthoNeuro and JIS, Join OrthoAlliance Consortium

New Albany-based OrthoNeuro and JIS Orthopedics have joined OrthoAlliance, a private Cincinnati-based management services operation with the largest consortium of practices in the specialty in Ohio. OrthoNeuro adds 27 physicians and ten locations to the OrthoAlliance network. JIS added eight physicians and two locations in January. Under the agreements, the local practices will continue to operate independently while physicians in both groups receive shares of OrthoAlliance and the latter takes an equity share in the local practices. READ MORE

OrthoNeuro physicians led the investment group from five practices, including JIS, to build a surgical hospital in New Albany in 2002. Columbus-based Mount Carmel Health System acquired the hospital in 2006, and, today, the Mount Carmel New Albany Surgical Hospital is the most profitable within Mount Carmel’s system. Headquartered in adjoining buildings in the New Albany International Business Park, the practices are part of the Heath & Life Sciences cluster.

“Throughout the 80-year history of OrthoNeuro we’ve had an insatiable curiosity of how best to care for our patients,” spine surgeon Larry Todd, DO, said in the release. “We are now at that point where we see a need for collaboration, a need to join forces with other like-minded healthcare groups.”

According to JIS Orthopedics President Adolph Lombardi Jr., MD, OrthoAlliance is a great fit for the organization’s culture and world-renowned reputation. “Aligning with OrthoAlliance will advance our mission to deliver positive patient outcomes, musculoskeletal innovation, and setting the global standard for orthopedic care,” he added.

Cincinnati’s Beacon Orthopedics formed OrthoAlliance in 2019 with Denver private equity firm Revelstoke Capital Partners. “At OrthoAlliance, we continue to build a network of like-minded musculoskeletal experts who are passionate about our mission to provide patients instant access to high quality and low-cost care,” said CEO Andy Blankemeyer said in a release.