Google Triples Its Presence in New Albany

Google, one of the top three global leaders in the information technology industry, announced plans to invest $1 billion to expand its operations at the New Albany International Business Park. The City’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, shovel- and technology-ready sites, streamlined planning process, fast-track permitting and availability of land, as well as the region’s talent pipeline, led to the expansion. When completed, the new facilities will triple the company’s investment here.

New Albany’s growing reputation as an ideal location for data management and mission critical operations for multinational companies, including AWS, Facebook and TJX, is driven by a variety of assets. Reliable, redundant, triple feed electric capabilities, powered by AEP, meet the high energy demands of data centers while the City’s robust, high speed fiber optics network supports the need for high bandwidth capacity. AEP’s presence in New Albany, which includes a mission-critical facility for a 12-state region, data center and transmission headquarters, has also helped to fuel growth in the Information Technology & Mission Criticalcluster.