City Plans Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area

The City of New Albany plans to launch DORA Village Center, a designated outdoor refreshment area that will provide another way to support local businesses by offering more opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while shopping, strolling or socializing. Expected to open this Spring, the DORA district will encompass four liquor-permit holding establishments, including Rusty BucketHudson 29Mellow Mushroom and BrewDog, all located in the Market Square area of Village Center.

According to the Ohio Revised Code 4301.82, a DORA is a specific area within a community, exempt from open container provisions of Ohio law. The DORA legally allows patrons to purchase and openly carry alcoholic beverages from participating bars and restaurants and then take those drinks, in designated containers, with them outside and into other participating businesses and retail shops within the designated area. Only qualified permit holders within the DORA can dispense the alcohol. The program will be operational from 5 to 10 pm Thursday through Saturday. Additional details will be made available in early 2022.