Tech Giants Praise New Albany’ Fast, Efficient, Collaborative Approach

When it comes to landing major IT players, New Albany is much more than a triple threat. Its robust, high-speed fiber optics, triple feed electric capabilities in excess of 500 MW capacity and strong talent pipeline are coveted assets for data centers. Yet, what really sets the city apart is its streamlined planning, fast track permitting and a collaborative approach that breaks down barriers, expedites projects and explains why AWS, Facebook and Google continue to expand their investment here. VIEW VIDEO. 

Here is a sample of what the nation’s most advanced data centers say about New Albany:

“Our ability to grow here is really a testament to the great work and partnership with the city of New Albany.”  Amber Tillman, Community Development Manager, Facebook Data Centers.

“New Albany stands out not only for their infrastructure, and the available land, but also the talent pipeline that has been developed here and the sense of community.” Rich McMunn, Site Operations Manager, Google.

“One of the first new technologies that AEP authored was a 765,000-volt transmission system. That is the largest in the country and it runs right through central Ohio here.” Mark McCullough, Executive Vice President, Transmission, American Electric Power. 

“The critical thing is they don’t put up roadblocks or barriers. It is always consistent, and we know what to expect every time.” Tony Burkart, Manager, Economic Development, AWS.