Beauty Campus Companies Ramp Up to Fight COVID-19

Multiple manufacturers in The New Albany International Business Park are demonstrating how the Personal Care and Beauty Campus’s vertically-integrated supply chain is uniquely positioned to quickly respond to needs presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. “From a production standpoint, the campus is unlike any other in its ability to align global industry leaders to turnkey product manufacturing, labeling, packaging and distribution in one location,” said New Albany Community Development Director Jennifer Chrysler.

Bocchi Laboratories, a filler company that specializes in shampoos and body washes, has converted several production lines to make hand sanitizer. KDC/ONE, which produces lotions and beauty care products, has ramped up to produce hand sanitizers and soap to meet growing demand. Axium Packaging, a manufacturer of containers for the health, beauty and food industries, has increased its production to accommodate the growing demand.  

Beauty campus partner, Alene Candles, has pivoted to the production of 80,000 face shields for medical personnel and emergency medical services professionals in central Ohio and its home state of New Hampshire. “I am incredibly proud of our team for jumping to action; we are thankful that we can play a role in fighting this pandemic,” said Rod Harl, president and CEO of Alene Candles.

The companies are well positioned to assist our nation’s efforts to battle COVID-19 from a logistics standpoint while keeping workers employed. “Central Ohio is within a 500-mile drive of half the U.S. and Canadian population,” she said. “These companies are not just manufacturing essential products for the public and medical personnel, they are also keeping thousands of people working at a time when work is crucial to our economy,” Chrysler added.