Corporate expansion demonstrates how New Albany anticipates what businesses need to succeed and delivers.

  • Hands-On Approach 

When it comes to economic development, a commitment to ongoing relationships with businesses long after the deals close has resulted in strong retention and robust expansion across the New Albany International Business Park. While the city’s master plan that protects business investment and enviable work-life balance are often the initial attractions, it’s the city’s hands-on approach with the business community is the reason that business expansion accounts for 34% of total growth in the business park. 

  • Commitment to Collaboration 

From the start, the Community Development Department establishes a rapport with new businesses to create a strong sense of community. Each year, the community development director holds one-on-one meetings with every employer – small and large — to learn about their experiences and what more the city can do to support them. That proactive and personal policy fuels continuous improvement in service delivery. Easy access to decision makers and prompt attention to needs get high marks from the business community. 

  • Business-Centric Communications 

When companies move to New Albany, the city continues to support them. An onboarding toolkit, touting community services and amenities, offers information businesses can share with employees and recruits. The economic development website enables employers to post jobs and find valuable information for their business and workers. Bimonthly e-newsletters help keep employees informed about everything from upcoming programs to the latest restaurants.