Celebrating 20 years of Collaboration, Innovation and Commerce

Now in its 20th year, the New Albany International Business Park is realizing the return on investment in a proactive master plan that taps the city’s entrepreneurial DNA, public private partnerships that inspire innovation and an expedited planning process that accommodates businesses’ need for speed.

NEWS: Field of Dreams Becomes Robust Economic Engine

The New Albany International Business Park is the fastest growing and largest master-planned park in the region. In just 20 years, it has grown to 11.5 million square feet of commercial space while attracting more than $3.4 billion in private investment and 15,000 employees. In the last year alone, New Albany added nearly 1.9 million square feet of commercial space, $830 million in private investment and 2,089 employees. Its success is spurred on by robust high-speed fiber optics, triple-feed electric capabilities and technology- and shovel-ready sites. LEARN MORE


FYI: Park’s Clusters Continue to Attract Industry Leaders

One of the many attributes that sets New Albany International Business Park apart from many others is its focused investment in business clusters that include Personal Care and Beauty, Information Technology, High-Tech Manufacturing and Logistics, Health Care and Corporate Office and R&D. These highly-specialized clusters and campuses attract industry leaders seeking an environment that keeps pace with their energy, technology, logistics and workforce needs while encouraging collaboration. Since 2011, investment in the Personal Care and Beauty Campus has grown by 72%. With the addition of Facebook in 2017, the Information Technology cluster has grown by 840% since 2008. LEARN MORE


Business-Centric Culture Appeals to Large and Small Corporations

From Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs, New Albany’s business-centric culture attracts businesses of all ages, stages and scale. While smaller suburban communities are not typically the vanguard of innovation, New Albany successfully competes with much larger cities across the country with an economic development effort that moves at the speed of business. Fast track permitting and an expedited planning process encourage collaboration among developers, utilities and construction companies to meet the most aggressive timelines. Proactive investment in technology- and shovel-ready sites accelerates relocation and expansion projects to maximize return on investment and minimize business disruption. READ MORE


Partnerships Make the Difference in New Albany

When businesses move to New Albany, they become partners in a unique economic development model that revolves around collaboration, innovation and commerce. The city’s commitment to ongoing relationships with businesses long after the deals are closed results in a high degree of cooperation that fuels continuous improvement in service delivery. Close coordination with partners that include the New Albany Company; the New Albany Chamber of Commerce; Columbus2020, central Ohio’s economic development organization; and the state of Ohio offers a unified approach that appeals to site selectors and businesses alike. READ MORE