Adding up Facebook’s Contribution to New Albany and Region

When New Albany announced last year that technology behemoth Facebook would build its most energy efficient data center to date in New Albany, officials noted the company’s investment of $750 million to build the 970,000-square-foot facility and the 100 new jobs that would be created. A recent comparative analysis prepared for Facebook as well as a U.S. Chamber of Commerce report suggest an even greater positive impact on the local economy, environment and community.



Construction and Operations Costs
Create Significant Multiplier Effect

Construction of a data center of this scale will employ up to 1,688 local workers, provide up to $77.7 million in wages and produce $243.5 million in output from the local economy’s supply chain during construction, the chamber report states. The study estimates an annual injection of $32.5 million into the economy when the facility is complete and workers are employed. According to the Facebook report, each data center worker supports five jobs elsewhere in the economy.



Reducing Energy Consumption
Minimizes Environmental Footprint

Since 2003, Facebook has invested in data center infrastructure and hardware design innovations to maximize energy and water efficiency. In fact, all of its new data centers will use 100% renewable energy. According to Facebook, the company’s energy-efficient designs reduce energy consumption by an estimated 38% and water use by at least 50% compared to the average data center.



Facebook Commits to Long-
Term Vitality of Community

Facebook has earned a reputation as a generous corporate citizen that invests in the long-term vitality of communities by supporting local needs. Not surprisingly, the company invests approximate 50% of charitable donations in technology resources and equipment to promote STEM learning in elementary and secondary schools. Facebook also contributes to local nonprofits that support the arts, safety and health programs.