Doing Business in New Albany: An Interview with Kerri Mollard

A key advantage of doing business in New Albany is the sense of community and connectivity that enables both small and large organizations to thrive. For Kerri Mollard, founder and CEO of Mollard Consulting, a successful nonprofit consulting firm, there was never a question of where she would relocate when she quickly outgrew her New Albany home office. Next gets Mollard’s take on why New Albany works for her growing enterprise.

Why did you decide to keep your business in New Albany? I really can’t say enough about the New Albany government and how enthusiastic and responsive they are to local businesses. The city’s leadership comes out with such a strong show of support regardless of the size of business. They could focus solely on the much larger companies in the business park, but this community has a very clear sense of self that is entrepreneurial and they truly believe in the vision, mindset and energy that come from entrepreneurs that work and collaborate here. 

Why did you locate at Innovate New Albany? I love the camaraderie of all of these small businesses coming together under one roof at Innovate New Albany. I can walk outside my office to chat with someone or get advice and know that they are at the same point in their businesses. It makes it easy to share our experiences and insights. I’m also impressed by the conference and training rooms as well as caliber of forums like the Tiger Talks held here. Neil Collins, Innovate New Albany director, does an excellent job of finding speakers and topics that are beneficial to small business owners like me. He is also a great resource and is helpful in making sure businesses have the support and resources they need.

Why did you choose to move to New Albany? My husband and I were living in a small house in German Village that we had outgrown. When we looked around at different communities, we were really attracted by what we found in New Albany. It has great schools and neighborhoods as well as a hub of activity in the Town Center. I love that I can hop on a bike trail and go to the library with my kids. And, it’s a community with a clear sense of purpose that supports healthy living, the arts and education.