Case Studies

Historic building in New Albany

Inspiring Creativity, Discovery and Commerce

How does a quaint, bucolic community of just 8,000 people rise up from the woodlands, meadows and waterways surrounding it to achieve unprecedented growth despite one of the nation’s worst recessions? How does a suburban Central Ohio city compete with larger, well-funded counterparts, often going up against top business destinations such as Phoenix and Atlanta to become one of the state’s leading job creators.

While smaller suburban communities are typically not at the vanguard of innovation, New Albany’s success is the result of its ability to leverage a variety of intellectual assets from some of the country’s leading entrepreneurs to angel investors and business visionaries. A nationally renowned planned community, its currency from a business standpoint goes well beyond its quality of life. The city has put the right elements together to foster innovation—a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs, a high level of business connectivity and enduring public-private partnerships—that inspire creativity, discovery and commerce.

Master Planning
Technology Incubator
Fiber Optics
Personal Care and Beauty Campus
“There is a tremendous diversity of talent from a business perspective.”
John Huston, Founder, Ohio Tech Angels