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Tech Giants Praise New Albany’ Fast, Efficient, Collaborative Approach

When it comes to landing major IT players, New Albany is much more than a triple threat. Its robust, high-speed fiber optics, triple feed electric capabilities in excess of 500 MW capacity and strong talent pipeline are coveted assets for data centers. Yet, what really sets the city apart is its streamlined planning, fast track permitting and a collaborative approach that breaks down barriers, expedites projects and explains why AWS, Facebook and Google continue to expand their investment here.

Tech Giants Praise New Albany’ Fast, Efficient, Collaborative Approach from NewAlbany Ohio on Vimeo.


Personal Care Campus Achieves Collaboration, Innovation and Agility

New Albany’s Personal Care and Beauty Campus, a vertically integrated supply chain, has drawn the country’s leading solutions providers in product development, design manufacturing, packaging and distribution. Coined the “Silicon Valley of health and beauty manufacturing,” the one-of-a-kind hub has brought $4.6 million in investment to the park since 2012. A new video demonstrates how collaborators and, even competitors, are achieving agility, comradery and innovation.

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Corporate Cluster Attracts Global Players, Game Changers and Innovators

From its pedestrian-friendly Market Square with restaurants, cafes and shops to its large expanses of technology-ready, shovel-ready sites and 45+ miles of leisure trails, it’s easy to see why New Albany is a popular choice for corporate headquarters. Learn why The New Albany International Business Park has become home to global players, game changers and innovators that include Abercrombie & Fitch, Bath & Body Works, Justice and Red Roof Inn.

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20 Years of Innovation, Collaboration and Commerce

In just 20 years, The New Albany International Business Park has become the fastest growing master-planned park in the region and an important economic engine for the entire state of Ohio. New Albany and its partners have transformed cornfields into 11.5 million square feet of commercial space representing more than $3.4 billion in private investment. Learn why the park is “uniquely positioned among American business parks and a tremendous asset when selling the Columbus region around the world,” according to Kenny McDonald, Columbus2020’s president and chief economic officer.

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Live Like a Local

From our pedestrian-friendly town square and performing arts center to our leisure trails and fitness facility, our master-planned city is designed to bring people together and build a strong sense of community. As an employee working in New Albany, here’s a quick glimpse of all we have to offer you.

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Master Planning Leaves Nothing to Chance

The largest master-planned corporate business park in the state, the New Albany International Business Park has left nothing to chance. Designed to inspire creativity, discovery and commerce, its one-of-a-kind appeal has attracted a diverse range of businesses, from international headquarters to technology startups to the 3,000-acre park.

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Business Centric Policies, Expedited Planning Drive Commercial Growth

From CEOs of international companies to entrepreneurs, New Albany earns high marks for its exceptional customer service, business centric policies, expedited planning policies, public private partnerships, educated and skilled workforce, highly accessible location and quality of life.

New Albany International Business Park from NewAlbany Ohio on Vimeo.

Video Showcases City’s Assets from Employees’ Perspectives

A new video, “New Albany Works for Me,” demonstrates the positive appeal the city has among employees at all ages and stages of life. From CEOs and entrepreneurs to Millennials in the workforce, the video features a variety of employees sharing the many reasons they chose to work in New Albany.

An easy commute and affordable cost of living as well as the pedestrian-friendly town center, nationally ranked schools and 30+ miles of leisure trails are among the many assets that have attracted a workforce that has grown by 50 percent since 2009.

New Albany Works for Me from NewAlbany Ohio on Vimeo.


Smart Growth Policies Inspire Sustainable Development

Inspired by the passion and ingenuity of world-class business leaders, including retail visionary Les Wexner, chairman and founder of Limited Brands, and guided by the country’s leading architects and land planners, New Albany went from being a rural hamlet founded in 1837 to a nationally renowned 21st century community with an abiding commitment to enriching the quality of life for residents and businesses alike.

The driving force behind New Albany’s success is its master plan, originally adopted in 1998, that promotes smart growth policies to preserve character, encourage sustainable development, contribute to the community’s quality of life and protect investment.

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Region’s Largest Master Planned Business Park Powers Growth

The New Albany International Business Park provides the latest assets to attract and retain large and small enterprises. Our redundant, carrier neutral broadband network is one of the most powerful and affordable in the United States. Our dual feed electric power system provides an advanced level of reliability and stability necessary for businesses to maintain mission critical operations. An excellent arterial network of roadways provides easy access to the business park with three freeway interchanges along State Route 161 effectively disperse traffic to prevent rush hour congestion.

The corporate business park features four distinct innovation clusters – Information and Technology, Corporate and R&D, Healthcare and Personal Care and Beauty.

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