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New Albany’s Many Assets Attract Employees of All Ages

The affordable cost of living as well as a pedestrian-friendly town center, national-ranked schools and 30+ miles of leisure trails have made New Albany an attractive home for a diverse workforce that ranges from Millennials to Baby Boomers.

Recruiters in New Albany competing for talent from across the country often …

Accord Promotes Collaborative Approach to Development

The proposed Western Licking County Accord, a collaborative initiative between Jersey Township, the village of Johnstown and the city of New Albany, will enable the communities to work together to plan and responsibly manage future growth in a way that protects the desirable quality of life residents and …

Share Your Company News with NEXT

From new businesses locating in New Albany and local companies that have gained national attention to Chamber of Commerce events and Healthy New Albany classes, NEXT, the City’s e-newsletter, is designed to keep employers and employees up to date on local news, activities and events.

If your company has

CEO Magazine Focuses on Personal Care and Beauty Campus

A new article in CEO magazine describes how “a tightly managed logistics platform and constant communications up and down the supply chain” at the New Albany International Business Park’s Personal Care and Beauty Campus quickly respond to changing markets and consumer demand.

In just five years, the park’s unique logistical

SmartRide Commuters to Use Line 45 New Albany

The increasing number of employees who use SmartRide New Albany to commute to and from work will ride COTA’s Line 45 beginning this month. The route and free shuttle service remain the same. However, the number has changed as part of COTA’s overhaul of its entire network.

SmartRide features scheduled …