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New Albany International Business Park

Major Industries and Top Companies in New Albany

The New Albany International Business Park has the assets and amenities to attract and retain a diverse range of organizations, from international headquarters and pharmaceutical enterprises to mission-critical operations and technology startups. The 5,000-acre park is the largest master-planned business park in the state and offers a thriving innovation ecosystem that inspires creativity, discovery and commerce. That’s why the business park has increased the number of employees to 15,0000  since 2009. Shovel-ready, technology-ready sites as well as the city’s expedited planning process continue to earn praise from site selectors, developers, contractors, facilities managers and operations teams.

“ What is fascinating about the business park for me is that it is an office park, it’s a mixed use park and it is also a manufacturing and innovation center. The success of the park has been fantastic, probably unforeseen in most industrial parks of that size and scale across the United States. It’s an incredible asset for the Columbus region when we are actually selling the entire region around the world.”
Kenny McDonald, President and Chief Economic Officer, One Columbus