Innovation Campus Way Corridor

General Site & Real Estate Information
Site Name & Address  
Business Park Name: New Albany International Business Park
Site / Area Name: Innovation Campus Way Corridor
Street Address (or Latitude/Longitude): 40.091539, -82.7319424
City: New Albany
County: Licking
State: Ohio
Postal Code: 43054


General Site Information  
Available Acres: 10 – 300 (max. 170 contiguous)
Asking Price Per Acre: $135,000 – $225,000
General Site Configuration/Shape: Rectangular; The New Albany Company owns the site as well as surrounding expansion ground. The site can be sized to fit the needs of the end user.
Topography of the Site: The site is generally flat with a minimal slope.
Additional Acreage Available: As the master developer for the business park, The New Albany Company has the ability to increase the size of the site to fit the customer’s end use.
Current Use of the Site: Agricultural, Office, Mission Critical Facilities, Distribution/Light Manufacturing
Soil Conditions: Topsoil cover underlain by natural clay based soils containing random sand and/or gravel layers and lenses. Clay based soils suitable for conventional construction and a burying capacity of 3,000 psf.
Existing Structures and Status: 8 residential structures and outbuildings located on the site are owned by The New Albany Company will be removed at no cost to user.


Site Ownership and Current Conditions  
Identify Current Property Owners: The New Albany Company (NACO) owns the proposed site as well as the expansion ground surrounding the site. NACO was founded by New Albany residents, Les and Abigail Wexner, in the 1980s. Mr. Wexner is the founder, chairman and CEO of L Brands, the parent company to Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and other national retail operations. NACO’s master planned community encompasses over 10,000 acres, of which over 3,500 acres make up the New Albany International Business Park.
Title for Site Readily Transferable: Yes
Owner Contact: Dick Roggenkamp

Director of Real Estate

The New Albany Company

8000 Walton Parkway, Suite 120

New Albany, OH 43054



Zoning & Encumbrances  
Current Zoning: The site includes parcels that have been incorporated into the city and zoned Limited General Employment (L-GE). The zoning allows for Class A office, information technology, production & clean manufacturing, research & production.
Height Limit: The current height limitation per the zoning text is 65 feet.
Use Restrictions: There are no restrictions at or near the site.   The property is a part of a 10,000 acre master-planned development specifically designed for production, manufacturing and distribution facilities. The Business Park is divided into several economic clusters to maximize the utility of each site and to encourage business growth and development: research & technology, medical, corporate office and manufacturing.
Surrounding Land Uses: Advanced manufacturing; logistics; corporate HQ; research and technology, agriculture.
Future Land Use Plans for Site: Extension of the existing Business Park to include corporate office, research, technology, mission critical facilities, manufacturing, logistics and supporting retail and service uses.
CC&Rs in Place for the Site: Property will be subject to the Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for either the New Albany Business Park or the New Albany Business Park East (CCR’s). The CCR’s provide for certain design review procedures and landscaping and fencing requirements along public road frontages within the Business Park. Security fencing, guardhouses and similar security features are permitted and have been constructed in the Business Park as part of other enterprise data and technology centers developed in the Business Park. A copy of the CCR’s will be provided upon request.
Rights Not Held by Property Owner (i.e. mineral rights, water rights etc.): The property owner holds all rights to the property.


Site Access  
Road Access to the Site: The primary access to the site is Innovation Campus Way – a collector road that connects to Beech Road and the SR 161/Beech Interchange to the west and Mink Road and the SR 161/Mink Interchange to the east. Both Beech and Mink Roads are major arterials. The Mink Road interchange will be constructed by the Ohio DOT and will be completed in late 2017.
Construction Access to the Site: Yes
Nearest 4-lane or Interstate Highway: State Route 161 Expressway – .25 miles

I-270 – 8.5 Miles

I-70 – 13.6 Miles

Nearest Commercial Airport: John Glenn Columbus International: 8.5 miles

Rickenbacker International: 19 miles

Newark/Heath Port Authority: 15.5 miles

Access to Rail: 4 miles
Access to Cargo Service: Rickenbacker International: 19 miles


Emergency Preparedness  
Distance to Hospital: Mt. Carmel New Albany Surgical Hospital – 1.5 miles

Mt. Carmel East – 11 miles

Distance to Fire/Medic Station: Plain Township Fire – 2.9 miles

Johnstown Monroe Medic – 1 mile

West Licking Medic – 7 miles

Distance to Police Station: New Albany Police Department – 2 miles
Service currently available at the site: Service is currently available at the site.
Name of current or potential service providers: American Electric Power

The Energy Cooperative

Distance to nearest distribution line(s): .25 miles
Is electric service redundant: Dual Feed – Fully Redundant
Distance to nearest transmission line(s): At the site
Voltage of nearest transmission line(s): An AEP 138 kV transmission line with two circuits is located along the north border of the site. Jug Street Station is located 0.5 miles north of the site and is served by both 138kV and 345kV lines. The Corridor station and Kirk stations are located 6 miles north and 12 miles south of the Jug Street station, respectively.
Name of substation serving property and distance: Jug Street Station (.5 miles) – Currently has 1 – 50 MVA transformer with approximately 20 MVA of load. Jug Street Station was built with the capacity to have a total of 4-50 MVA transformers.


Corridor Station (5 miles) – Currently has 1-50 MVA transformer with approximately 37 MVA of load. AEP does have the capability of adding 2-50 MVA transformers.


Blendon Station (8 miles) – Currently has 2 – 50 MVA transformers with approximately 52 MVA of load.

Available electric capacity at the property (MW): 2,000MW Available at the Site
Future planned capacity/infrastructure expansions: American Electric Power is currently constructing Project Vassell which will create an additional 765 kV transmission tie to the 345 kV – 138 kV networks.
Availability of customer choice: Ohio is a competitive state for electric generation.   Customers have the opportunity to shop their energy (generation) requirements with a number of Competitive Retail Electric Suppliers (CRES).


Natural Gas  
Service currently available at the site: Service is approximately 1,000 feet from the site.
Name of current or potential service providers: Columbia Gas of Ohio

The Energy Cooperative

Size and Pressure of the nearest line: Service available from either Columbia Gas lines from the northwest (4″ line / 500 MCF/day / 10-55 PSI) or Energy Cooperative lines from southeast (4″ line / 10 MCF/day / 40-60 PSI).
Future planned capacity/infrastructure expansions: Columbia Gas has the ability to expand service/capacity to meet user’s needs.


Name of water provider: City of New Albany via City of Columbus.
Description of the water service (size of the lines, distance to the property and total capacity): An existing 12″ waterline is located on the north side of Innovation Campus Way. The total current capacity is over 2 million GPD.
Excess capacity of the line serving the property: Current excess water capacity is 800,000 GPD. Future excess capacity is 6.8 MGD.
Current water infrastructure expansions: Construction is underway for a new water booster station located along Jug Street, east of Beech Road. This project also includes the extension of approximately 9,500’ of water main to further support the existing water infrastructure. The water booster station will have a capacity of 8 MGD. Construction will be complete in 2021.


Water Treatment Plant Answer
Name of water treatment plant serving the property: Hap Cremean Water Plant (HCWP)
Owner/Operator of water treatment plant: City of Columbus
Distance to the property: 9.2 miles
Total permitted capacity (mgd): 125
Allocated capacity (mgd) (if applicable): N/A
Average utilization (mgd): 77
Peak utilization (mgd): 94
Excess capacity (mgd): 31
Are there any other encumbrances including any known requests for additional capacity to the water system capacity? No
Identify any planned upgrades to the water system, including the schedule and the source of funding source for the project. Currently undergoing a $70M upgrade to install ozone and biologically active filtration.

In the next 5 years upgrades for the following will occur: Standby Power, UV Disinfection and conversion from chlorine to bleach.


Name of wastewater provider: The City of New Albany via City of Columbus.
Size of nearest line(s) & Distance to the property (feet): An existing 18″ sanitary sewer mainline is located on the north side of Innovation Campus Way, generally along the frontage of the subject site.
Type of line serving the property (gravity or force main): Gravity Sewer
If force main, excess capacity of nearest pump station serving the property (mgd): N/A
Total capacity of the line(s) serving the property (mgd): 2,650,000 GPD


Excess capacity of the line(s) serving the property (mgd): 1,360,000 GPD


Wastewater Treatment Plant
Name of wastewater treatment plant serving the property: Columbus Southerly WWTP
Owner/Operator of wastewater treatment plant: City of Columbus
Distance to the property: 28.7 miles
Total permitted capacity (mgd): 114 (330 wet weather capacity)
Allocated capacity (mgd) (if applicable): N/A
Average utilization (mgd): 96
Peak utilization (mgd): 114
Excess capacity (mgd): 216
Known encumbrances / requests for additional capacity to the wastewater system capacity? No
Planned upgrades to the wastewater system, including the schedule and the source of funding source for the project. CEPT project – scheduled to be completed in 2019


Name of telecommunication provider(s): WOW! (via New Albany Net); AT&T.
Distance to Site: At site
Description of telecommunications infrastructure: The 96 strand fiber network is built for high speed data communications and to reach customers economically throughout the New Albany Business Park.   Additional redundancy/path options are available.
Services available: Point to Point and multi-point Ethernet (10Mb-1Gb and 10Gb),Wavelength Services (2.5Gb and 10Gb), Dedicated Internet, MPLS, Managed Services, Voice SIP Trunking, TDM Services (DS1 through OC192).
Fiber available at the property? If yes, aerial or underground? Yes. All of the infrastructure in New Albany is underground. Diverse options are available as well.
Is dark fiber available at the property? Yes
Environmental Studies  
Phase I Environmental Report: Completed with no further action required
Wetlands Delineation: Completed; 401/404 Permit Issued. Isolated wetlands have been filled. Individual permit will include wooded wetland and stream conservation easement over +/-21 acres within site.
Endangered Species: Completed; Potential protected bat habitat limits tree clearing to 10/1 to 3/31 of each year. Site has been mostly cleared.
Archeological/Historical: Completed; No further action required
Geotechnical Assessment: No
Hazards on site: None
Real Property Tax Rate (per Assessed Valuation): 58.02452 – Johnstown Monroe District

68.49557 – Licking Heights District

Personal Property Tax Rate: No Personal Property Tax in Ohio
Income Tax Rate: 2%
Sales Tax Rate: 7.25%